Recycling with the future in mind since 1973

Since 1973, GB Resources Group has been satisfying customers while developing an expertise in the salvage and recycling of scrap metal, allowing us to transform these “waste” items into valuable raw materials for industry. We are dealers, brokers, processers and marketers of all ferrous and non-ferrous materials, and also buy and resell used industrial equipment, machinery and all metals.

We expanded our facilities and operations in 2003 and 2009 with the acquisition of Toronto Auto Recycling and Hyde Metal Resources, respectively. These companies are now fully integrated into the operations of GB Resources Group. Toronto Auto Recycling offers auto wrecker facilities at 96 Hyde Avenue, where the public can drop off their end-of-life vehicles. Hyde Metal Resources, at 75 Hyde Avenue, provides specialty services to process, bale and bundle oversized material. Our warehouse at 2009 Lawrence Avenue provides additional facilities. In total, these recycling facilities span more than five acres in the heart of Toronto.

Our companies purchase, process, segregate, sort, trade and broker ferrous and non-ferrous metals to minimize waste and maximize quality and customer return. With two in-ground hydraulic balers, we produce prime and dealer bundles as well as shredder logs for mills. We ship directly to all Canadian mills as well as selected mills in the U.S.

At our in-house fabricating shop, our employees repair, customize and build material-handling equipment for customers. Our fleet of fully equipped trucks helps us to provide flexible service to meet our clients’ schedules. In addition to offering prompt and efficient service, we operate multiple truck scales.